Beta95X V2 Pusher Kit




ชุด kit สำหรับแปลง Beta95x V1 ให้เป็น Beta95X V2 Pusher

Great news for all of Beta85X and Beta95X pilots! Grab this kit, you will modify your Beta95X V2 or Beta95X V2(HD Digital VTX) at the same time! BETAFPV specially designed the whole Beta95X V2 Pusher Frame Kit. Every pilot could convert their Beta85X into the popular pusher configuration through this Kit. It is easy to install, and it has everything you need. It provides enough parts for both Beta95X V2 and Beta95X HD digital VTX, offering more choices for every pilot.

In addition, we provide the Beta85X V2 Pusher Kit too. If you wanna directly purchase the Beta95X/85X V2, please check the link of BETAFPV Naked Camera Series.

Bullet point

  • This kit could help Beta95X pilots convert their Beta95X into a brand-new pusher whoop style! With the quite popular pusher configuration, the drone can be controlled better in flight while the center of gravity is concentrated.
  • This kit also provides 2 customized HD camera mounts, supports to install Insta360 GO camera and Customized Naked Camera. Offering more choices for different FPV film shooting.
  • It offers rubber dumpers to further eliminate the shake of the camera, makes the camera more stable on the flight, ensures pilots can capture all the beautiful moments of flight with stabilized and clear video.
  • It provides enough parts for both Beta95X V2 and Beta95X HD digital VTX, pilots could have more options to DIY their Beta95X.
  • Come with an M02 VTX  mounting hole(needs to be soldered to the VTX), which is more flexible for building more types of drones.
  • This kit is mainly made of carbon fiber and 3D printer parts, it is easy to be installed and DIY.


  • Item: Beta95 V2 Pusher Kit
  • Material: Carbon Fiber and 3D Printer parts

Recommended Parts


  • 1 * Beta95X Carbon Fiber Gimble
  • 1 * Beta95X Top Platform
  • 3 * Rubber Dumper
  • 1 * 3D Printer for Insta Go Camera Mount
  • 1 * 3D Printer for Naked Camera Mount
  • 1 * 3D Printer for 14mm Camera Mount
  • 1 * 3D Printer for Holder Mount for VTX Antenna
  • 1 * 3D Printer for Holder Mount for AIR Antenna
  • 1 * Pack of M1.4*8 Screws
  • 1 * Base Camera Mount for GoPro 6
  • 1 * 3-Pin GH1.25 30AWG Cable(90mm)
  • 1 * 5-Pin+7-Pin SH1.25 30AWG Cable(60mm)
  • 1 * 6-Pin SH1.25 30AWG Cable(100mm)
  • 1 * 6-Pin SH1.25 30AWG Cable(20mm)
  • 1 * 150mm Battery Strap
  • 1 * No-Slip Rubber Pads
  • 1 * Pack of M2*7 Screws
  • 1 * Pack of M1.6*8 Screws
  • 1 * Pack of M2 Screw Nuts
  • 1 * Pack of M3*20 Screws
  • 1 * Pack of M3 Screw Nuts
  • 1 * Pack of M2*3 Screws


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