Hello FPV fans, GEPRC team has developed a GPS module to upgrade the user experience.
GEP-M8U GPS module features as small size, light weight, fast positioning and stable connection. Suitable for FPV, fixed-wing and other products.

● สเป็ค
Model: GEP-M8U GPS module
Input Voltage: 3.3V-5V
Receiving Format: GPS, GLONASS, BDS(Choose GLONASS or BDS)
Channel: 72ch
Compass: None
Baud Rate: 115200bps
Output Connector: SH1.0-4P
Communication Protocol: UART
Output Protocol: UBLOX
Output Frequency: 10Hz
Speed Accuracy: 0.05 m / s
Horizontal positioning accuracy: horizontal <2.5M, SBAS < 2.0M
Timing Accuracy: 30 ns
Receiving Sensitivity: Trace -162dBm, Capture-160dBm
Dynamic Characteristics : Max Height: 50000m, Max Speed: 500m/s
Max Acceleration: 4G
Size: 22mm x 22mm x 8mm
Weight: 7.9g

● จุดเด่น
1. Fast positioning speed
2. Stable connection
3. Unique appearance design
4. Small size and light weight
5. SH1.0-4Pin terminal design, no soldering required.
6. On-board PPS positioning and power indicator, easy to use.

● สิ่งที่จะได้รับ
1 x GEP-M8U GPS module
1 x SH1.0-4Pin terminal cable
1 x GPS user manual


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