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● Storage Charger and Discharger with OLED Display
VIFLY WhoopStor is the first 1S whoop battery charger with storage. Besides charging the battery to full voltage, it can start the charger or discharger automatically to get your battery into storage voltage. The charging status is displayed clearly on the OLED screen like the battery voltage, charge current, etc.

● 6 Individual Ports, PH2.0 and BT2.0 Compatible
VIFLY WhoopStor can charge 6 batteries at the same time. These are 6 individual charging channels, not charging parallel, but rather individually, you don’t have to worry about making sure the batteries are all the same voltage and same size. It is compatible with both PH 2.0 and BT 2.0 connectors and you can mix charge BT2.0 and PH2.0 battery at the same time.

● Type-C, XT60 and DC Input
VIFLY WhoopStor supports Type-C, XT60 and DC power input. Type-C used PD and QC protocol that supports fast charge at 9V and 12V, but it not supports regular 5V USB charge.

● Regular and HV Battery Supported
VIFLY WhoopStor 1S charger supports both regular battery at 4.2V and high voltage battery at 4.35V. You can switch it easily with the button.

● Heat Sink to Cool the Unit
The big heat sink below the PCB board would effectively dissipate the heat to prevent the unit from overheating when charging or discharging.

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